2014 – the year in burlesque

Well hello and welcome to my first burlesque year review here on my new blog!

2014 started with me launching my first professional performer website http://odeliaopium.co.uk/!
Since then my work as a stage costume maker has really picked up and I was lucky enough to work on many exciting projects!

February was a very busy month and I got to perform at the famous Bluestocking Lounge in Swansea! I debuted my new act “Pandora’s Box”, then realized the music I chose didn’t work for it and changed it completely – here’s a picture from the show by Miss Moth Photography:


I have since replaced this headdress with something more exciting by Demons & Diamonds, as seen in this amazing promo shot by Mark Perry:


I really love Michelle’s work, this is so much closer to what I had in mind and works much better in the act!

On Valentine’s Day I also got to perform at the Victoria & Albert museum – yes, that’s right folks! I danced naked amongst some beautiful works of art, doing my 18th century fan dance! Great stuff 🙂
In May I had the pleasure of returning to London Burlesque Festival once again! Again a great experience, very uplifting and positive!
Are you curious? You can see my performance here: http://vimeo.com/user27552983/pandora
I also did a fabulous photoshoot with Marco of Vintage Rebel Studios, who came from Switzerland for the festival:

Odelia 001_72dpi

In June I released my first professional showreel! https://vimeo.com/97840392
It’s an important marketing tool for performers, so you’re kinda expected to have one. It shows three of my acts and I’m very happy with it! Expertly done by Mean On The Scene!
In July I launched a new act, which for the first time was created on a whim – just because I felt like it. It’s my only “pure striptease” act, so one without much storytelling, which I normally do. All black costume and a bit moody (another promo shot by Mark Perry):

_MG_2672_1I’ve come to love this act for its simplicity! No big setup on stage required, just me. Nice for a change!
In September we relaunched our cabaret show, The Opium Den, and made it a cat-themed charity event for Cats Protection!
Here’s me in my cat costume, being silly with crisps (photography by Rosemary Rance):


and on stage: odelia12345

In October I had the honour to compete again in World Burlesque Games and debuted a brand new act, created around the amazing Victorian paper moon prop made by my sis! I received this as a wedding present and it now lives in my kitchen. The Moon is my most classic act I think!

1002524_355518021297032_1072898959412662264_nAnd although I wasn’t happy with my performance that night I actually won 2nd place in the British Crown competition! A true highlight!! Here’s my 15 seconds of fame:

10730871_357764401072394_272050419246686951_nI later did a promo shoot for this act with the amazing Khandie Khisses, who managed to capture the true essence of the act:

paper moon

I got to perform in many great shows and amazing venues this year, also some not so great shows, and also all my applications for foreign festivals in 2014 were rejected. Applying for Burlesque Festivals actually costs an application fee in most cases, so on top of the frustration you also loose a bit of money. 😦
I will probably not apply to festivals anymore this year, I hate the bad feeling I get from getting rejected. Although it is tempting to discover foreign places through this.

I ended the year with an impromptu Christmas fan dance, reusing part of my Moon costume, which you can watch here: http://youtu.be/gZ-GdnPxykE  – I love fan dancing and Christmas, so why not combine them! 😀

I hope to be blogging a bit more here in 2015, maybe writing detailed posts about my costume making and interesting projects I’m working on. Until next time!

Here’s to 2015!


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